Car Insurance: How a Waiver of Depreciation Can Help

Maximizing the benefits of car insurance after a crash when you car is totaled or written off isn’t problematic if you have a waiver of depreciation.

Attaining car insurance with appropriate coverage should include a depreciation waiver if you’re still paying off the car. If you love to drive new vehicles, or lease them, consider adding a waiver of depreciation to your current car or motorcycle insurance. Regular car insurance will only cover the cost of the vehicles depreciated value.  What you paid for your vehicle is high enough and its … [Read more...]

Simple Steps on How to Avoid Having Your Car Stolen

Simple Steps on How to Avoid Having Your Car Stolen

Avoiding having your car stolen doesn’t have to be so hard especially since taking steps to protect it can end up saving you money on your car insurance. After all, it is locked, has an alarm system, is usually around where people can see it, and is kind of big. But car thieves make their living out of figuring out how to steal cars and they are very good at it. According to FBI statistics, a … [Read more...]

Changes in US travel from Canada

US travel from Canada will become a bit more complicated soon and travellers will be expected to keep count of the number of days they spend abroad.

U.S. travel from Canada will be getting a little complicated soon. The term “day count” will probably become more familiar to many Canadians who travel to the United States, as laws will go into effect beginning June 30, 2014, requiring travellers to know exactly how many days they spend out of the country. US travel from Canada facts: Every Canadian travelling (especially to the United States) … [Read more...]

What To Do After A Car Accident

Getting into car accident can be stressful, so it’s important to know a few things and remember them in case you’re ever in one and start to panic.

Car accident can happen at anytime, especially in the winter. You're driving to work, taking your kids to school, or just out for a day shopping and from out of no where ….  WHAM!  BOOM!   BANG!    What just happened?  You were in an accident.  What do you do? Had a car accident? Here’s what to do: Stop - Turn your motor off.  Do not move your vehicle.   Hopefully, you're not hurt and the … [Read more...]

Home Insurance Rates Rise Due To Ice Damming

Home insurance rates can sky rocket during the winter due to things like ice damming occurring so homeowners need to take steps to prevent this.

Home insurance is probably not on your mind unless you’re moving but the winter is a crucial time for homeowners. Despite its beauty, the winter can be dangerous for your home.   It seems unlikely because the pristine white snow covers everything and is serene, making the view seem peaceful. The fact is, cold weather brings with it the risk for damage to your home by way of ice dams. Ice dams … [Read more...]

How To Winterize Your Home

As temperatures drop, it becomes vital for you to winterize your home and take the necessary steps to ensure you’re protected form the cold.

Much like your car, your home insurance needs to be protected from the cold weather and you need to winterize your home. Winter is almost upon us and the temperatures are consistently decreasing. In such conditions homes serve as a source of comfort and warmth. That might not be the case if you are not taking certain precautions to beat the chill and keep the cold out of your house. By taking a … [Read more...]

When To Put Your Winter Tires On

Drivers need to be informed about the importance of getting winter tires as the weather changes as it can save lives and money on car insurance.

Many drivers are not well informed about the important role winter tires play in their safety. Changing weather requires new and specialized tires. It’s important for you as a driver to understand that different tires perform very differently in different weather conditions. Making your vehicle safer in the winter will actually save you money on your car insurance. Most people think that winter … [Read more...]

How To Keep Safe While Driving In The Fall

Enjoying the beautiful fall scenary is great but figuring out how to keep safe while driving in the fall can be overlooked by many drivers.

Figuring out how to keep safe while driving in the fall and enjoying the beautiful scenary may seem easy but attention must be paid. Driving can be hazardous if adequate safety measures are not taken. Considered as one of the most treacherous times of the year by experienced drivers, the fall season is prone to abrupt changing of conditions. A perfectly enjoyable drive can suddenly change into a … [Read more...]

Home Insurance NEWS: City of Toronto Subsidy for Flood Prevention

On the home insurance front, a new subsidy is being offered owners from the city of Toronto. Read to see if it applies to you.

Picnic area of Sunnybrook park in Toronto flooded after heavy rainsToronto is now offering property owners of single family, duplex and triplex homes a $ 3200 subsidy (Per property) if proper measures are installed to prevent flooding. Flood prevention systems are a combination of different components such as: Suction pumps, Pipes Back water vales Home’s storm sewers External weeping … [Read more...]

Does Cheap Insurance Mean Great Insurance?

Getting a cheap insurance policy is always tempting but not necessarily the best way to save money or to buy a good insurance package.

Searching for cheap insurance online may seem like an easy way to get a little peace of mind for your insurance needs but it’s not a good plan. Doing this kind of an online search will only serve to give you thousands of results, and that can be painstaking to sift through. Think about the hundreds of thousands of listings that you’ll have to navigate through to find the one solid solution for … [Read more...]