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Learn why auto insurance seems so much more expensive in Ontario. And also learn ways in which you can lower your premiums.

Why is Auto Insurance So Expensive in Ontario?

There are really two main reasons why auto insurance is so expensive in Ontario as compared to the other provinces in Canada. First, Ontario has the highest density of drivers in Canada. The higher density of drivers means the more likelihood of an automobile accident or injury claim. For example, there is a … Continue Reading ...

Summer approaches and riders are preparing for road trips. Before you head out, consider these safety tips for motorcyclists, cyclists and motorists alike.

Tips for Safe Summer Driving

With snow long gone and summer in full swing it is important to remember to share the road and leave extra room for motorcycles and bicycles. Due to their size, these vehicles can easily be lost in a blind spot or remain unseen in low visibility conditions. These riders are inherently more exposed to danger … Continue Reading ...