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High risk auto insurance is not something you have to put up with for a moment longer. Talk to Navigator Broker in Ontario. Get answers.

High Risk Auto Insurance and How to Manage It

High risk auto insurance is often the only coverage available to drivers with high claims risks. Insurers make decisions based on previous driving performance. Tickets, driving convictions and accidents can be the only evidence to hand. They may also consult your credit record. If you had a policy cancelled … Continue Reading ...

Standard home insurance policies assume average families with 2.4 kids, 2 cars and a 27-inch flat screen television. Many people need extended cover.

How Confident Are You About Your Home Insurance?

As technology expands, our hobbies become more expensive. This impacts on our home insurance costs. When I was a kid, my bicycle was entry-level because that was what we could afford. As an adult with disposable income I can go upmarket now. It is essential to make sure our coverage increases with the value … Continue Reading ...

Insurance companies will raise your rates based on your actions. Here are a few simple suggestions to save money on many of your premiums:

How to Save Money by Getting Lower Insurance Rates

It seems that insurance rates are constantly on the rise, and it’s difficult to find the time to call the endless number of providers just to save a few dollars a year. Not only is it extremely frustrating to see your annual premiums rise without knowing why, but it’s especially disappointing to have a … Continue Reading ...