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Driver fatigue has serious impacts on road safety and ultimately car insurance costs in Ontario. Here are some of the warning signs you’re at risk.

Car Insurance Alert: Warning Signs of Driver Fatigue

The top safety issues we face in the car insurance industry have traditionally been to do with texting while driving or being under the influence when behind the wheel. In other words: all forms of distracted driving. While these areas certainly deserve much of our attention, there is still a serious concern … Continue Reading ...

Learn more about the increased coverage and protection that an umbrella insurance policy can provide. Like when it rains, don’t get caught without one.

Do you Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

First, let’s try and understand what an umbrella insurance policy provides. This type of policy is an excess policy that provides additional liability coverage that sits on top of your current (or primary) auto policy, homeowner’s policy or boat policy. It will also add some additional liability coverage’s … Continue Reading ...