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Usage Based Auto Insurance will become a key tool for both, insurers and consumers in helping manage costs of car insurance. Read more about it.

How Telematics Can Help You Save on Car Insurance

This spring a number of insurance companies are set to roll out their first usage based programs in Ontario. The strategy utilises clever technology to help the industry better assess drivers’ behaviour and adequately price their risk of a crash. With the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), … Continue Reading ...

In the old days, you could take a binder or temporary slip to Service Ontario and they would issue the sticker. They don’t do this any more.

Auto Insurance and Service Ontario Renewal Sticker

Photo Credit by Jerry Woody...this time of year, many drivers are beginning to put their (winter stored) vehicles back on the road. In order for the vehicles to be properly insured, they policy must be correctly written, uploaded and ready to go. Service Ontario will not issue a renewal sticker, unless … Continue Reading ...