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Learn more about the increased coverage and protection that an umbrella insurance policy can provide. Like when it rains, don’t get caught without one.

Do you Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

First, let’s try and understand what an umbrella insurance policy provides. This type of policy is an excess policy that provides additional liability coverage that sits on top of your current (or primary) auto policy, homeowner’s policy or boat policy. It will also add some additional liability coverage’s … Continue Reading ...

Join a Great Service Team: Become an Insurance Broker

Join a Great Service Team: Become an Insurance Broker

Interested in a career in customer service with a high-tempo Insurance Brokerage house that is growing? With planned growth comes tremendous career opportunities. Right now, our service team is looking for high energy, people-focused individuals who want to help others protect that which is valuable to them. … Continue Reading ...

Your home insurance policy already covers certain forms of wind damage. Reducing costs can begin simply by inspecting your home and property for signs of risk.

Home Insurance Tips on How to Reduce Wind Damage

In Southern Ontario, this summer’s weather patterns have been somewhat unpredictable and not quite what we are used to. The unpredictable weather patterns tend to cause extremes and extreme weather tends to cause significant damage, which is a concern of your home insurance broker. The biggest weather related … Continue Reading ...